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My name's Adrian Reid and I'm the creator of "Enlightened Stock Trading". Using this stock trading approach, I make 6 figures consistently working a little more than 30 minutes a day. I've taught this to students from all walks of life ... and they've flourished too!

My approach works precisely because you can "customize" it to fit your lifestyle and personality ... so you can't go wrong! I look forward to helping you achieve the financial and time freedom you desire.

There are countless people out there selling trading systems and peddling different trading methods. But unless you really understand yourself and learn how to get past your fears and personal junk, they will never work for you, you will find trading stressful and you will never going to make money consistently.

The ultimate goal of profitable stock trading is to improve your lifestyle, generate financial freedom and improve your life by allowing you to focus on the things which are really important to you.